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Graduate Opportunities - The Simulation Group

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From: Roslyn K.
Date: Tue 13th Jun, 3:44pm
Expressions of Interest - Consultants
Simulation | Optimisation
Perth & Brisbane
 How do you see your future?
 Work on industry leading projects in Australia’s premier simulation provider
 Join a team of like-minded people in an inspiring work environment
Do numbers speak to you? Does finding evidence of something counterintuitive give 
you a bit of a thrill?
The Simulation Group is a world leader in detailed analysis, simulation and 
optimisation of complex supply chains, but there is more to them than that.. Whilst 
they pride themselves on the deep insights they liberate from large datasets, their 
curious nature leads them down a range of fascinating paths.
The Simulation Group are now looking to build their consulting teams in both 
Brisbane and Perth. Their people tend to have excellent results in maths, applied 
science or engineering, combined with a humble and curious nature. Programming 
languages (OO preferably) are just a means to an end, as are simulation modelling 
and optimisation techniques. When they combine these skills with their history, 
context and experience they are able to tell their clients valuable data driven 
narratives about their future.
What is the opportunity?
 The application of Operations Research and/or Decision Science techniques in the 
mining, logistics, transportation sectors.
 A project based work environment, delivering solutions beyond their clients’ 
 A supportive and collaborative culture that encourages new ways of solving 
 The largest player in the Australian simulation industry, a strategic partnership 
with a leading global management consulting firm.
Who will the opportunity suit?
 Passionate problem solvers
 Those who ideally have an understanding of optimisation techniques.
 Candidates with an understanding of dynamic simulation modelling.
 Those with sound programming capability, with OO languages preferred.
 People who thrive in a team based environment, and have excellent communication 
 Those with the ability to deliver solutions with integrity to client deadlines 
and under pressure.
 Graduates who have completed tertiary qualifications in Mathematics/Statistics, 
Science, Computer Science or Operations Research. Excellent academic results and 
postgraduate qualifications will be looked upon favourably.
The Simulation Group provides:
 An inspiring work environment focused on teamwork and delivery.
 Opportunity to work on industry leading projects with a range of technologies
 A supportive learning culture, career progression and mentoring opportunities
The Simulation Group tend to explore the world in richer detail than most. They 
actively look to celebrate this unique quality and they passionately share their 
diverse points of view. If you are team oriented and curious, they welcome your 
expressions of interest at                           curious, they welcome your 
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