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From: Roslyn K.
Date: Thu 17th Aug, 12:47pm
On behalf of Woodside, we would like to formally invite you to ‘What’s Next?,’ a 
special evening showcasing the incredible technologies shaping the workplaces of the 
Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre
Thursday 24th August 2017
The industry as we know it is continuously evolving, and for a company to remain at 
its forefront, they must be willing to invest in the rapid rate of technological 
advancements. Innovation and technology are areas of research that can be integrated 
across a range of industries, and Woodside will be talking exclusively to UWA 
regarding how this is implemented across their business. From exploration and 
development right through to marketing and sales, Woodside Energy are pioneering the 
workplace of tomorrow to pursue advancements in both the technical and business 
Greg Mogan, Subsurface Vice President with over 30 years of industry experience, 
will be the lead presenter discussing the future of the workplace in technology, AI 
and robotics. In addition, Woodside graduates will be attending to share their 
insight and experiences. Key topics will include:
 Machine learning  Cognitive computing  Advanced analytics  Woodside Willow  
IBM Watson  NASA’s Robonaut
This is a topic which bears relevance for anyone interested in learning more about 
innovation and technology, or follows global markets and would like to know more 
about how Australian companies operate within this sphere. It will be greatly 
beneficial for any student looking to enter the Oil and Gas industry and we hope 
that you can attend, and share this event with your own students and colleagues. 
Your knowledge and that of the Woodside representatives will be extremely beneficial 
in providing invaluable insight to students looking to learn more about the Oil & 
Gas industry.
Please RSVP attendance to Luka Zic on president.                , and do not 
hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Yours sincerely, SPE UWA Student Chapter President
XLuka ZicPresident, SPE UWA
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