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From: Christopher M.
Date: Thu 5th Aug 2021, 2:53pm


> This helps a lot, but still, a little unclear how to actually open that C file. Are we working in the terminal 
> or in the Docker desktop? where are we supposed to actually change the C code according to the labsheet?

Hi,  I'm a bit confused as to where "you're up to" in the steps of:

If you have a Ubuntu image downloaded and populated with necessary packages - providing the C compiler (essential) and 
your choice of tezt editor (vi/vim recommended if you don't already have a favourite - then you can run a new Linux 
terminal within DockerDesktop, or just through the existing terminal program on your system (my preference, as it saves 
on screen real-estate to use the same terminal program with multiple open tabs).

Then (assuming vi as your editor, and that you have the required C file in your present working directory), you run vi 
and pass the file's name on the command-line:

  prompt>  vi rotate.c

Then you're 'in' vi, and you can issue vi's commands navigate around the file or to edit it (switching backwards and 
forwards between command-mode and insert-mode: )

When you've made all the edits you wish, you simply leave vi with two capital Z's - ZZ
and you'll be returned to the shell prompt, where you can compile the modified file:

  prompt>  cc -o rotate rotate.c

If there's no compilation errors (otherwise, back to editing....) you can run the successfully compiled program with:

  prompt>  ./rotate  yourstring

Does that help?

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