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4:14am Tue 23rd Aug, Christopher M.

"Matthew Carlsen" <23*8*8*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:
> (politely) it is not obvious if this is contradictory. > It could mean run only when the day of the month matches the day of the week in a given month, > (which would be kind of obtuse imo), or it could mean run on every monday and run on every 13th of the month.
Hi Matthew, sorry, 'contradictory' was the wrong word. Using today's date, Tue 23rd August (2022): 1 1 23 7 2 - applies in 2022 (the 2 looks redundant but it documents the requirement) 1 1 23 7 tue - applies in 2022 (the tue looks redundant but it documents the requirement) 1 1 23 7 wed - all fields are valid values, but the command would not run in 2022 1 1 23 7 * - applies in any year 1 1 * 7 tue - applies in any year, and includes 23 Aug as one of the 5 Tuesdays in August 2022 Is that now clearer? I've added it to our Clarifications page.

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