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6:03am Wed 24th Aug, Christopher M.

> Hello, I'm using the Ubuntu Linux shell on Windows 10, and when I create and suspend/stop C programs, they don't get stored in my current working or home directory, so when attempting to find the file or compile it states "no such file or directory"; I was wondering whether there's a way to set a default storage location for these files or modify my current/home directory to the C file storage location.
I'm assuming that you're using vi/vim; if so, re-read the description of its autowrite setting: [help2002] Also, I'm confused by your wording "...modify my current/home directory to the C file storage location". By default, vi will just create, edit, and save files in your current working directory (which you may change with cd). C (the language and its compiler) do not have a specific "storage location".

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