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10:58am Wed 24th Aug, Christopher M.

Hi Alicia,

"Alicia Lau" [email protected] wrote:

adding on to the question recently asked by Ryan, I would like to know if you expect our program to check the calendar for valid dates.

Yes. A pattern such as 1 1 32 7 * is invalid because there are only 31 days in August.

I'm concerned about this because of the asterisk, which basically takes in all the possible values of a month. So for the example given by Ryan, the program would assume that every month starts on Monday as its first day, where foo will be run.

Yes, but the asterisk cannot every represent the 32, because it's not part of a valid date.

So want to have a clarification that if you do expect us to implement a calendar system for this year, then the example would be an invalid time. Otherwise no

It's not really a 'calendar system', and you don't need to 'do it all yourself', as we've already seen something helpful in a class session (big hint :-).

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