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10:05am Sun 28th Aug, Christopher M.

> I apologize if the answers to these questions are obvious, I want to make sure I understand exactly what is expected
Asking questions is fine, but please first watch Workshop-5 and run the (new) sample solution: [estimatecron-sample]
> 1. When you say “name of most frequently executed command” does this refer to the command with the most number of minutes from the estimates file? Or is it that if a command is executed multiple times it’ll be mentioned more than once in the crontab file?
Neither. Print the name of the command which is executed most frequently throughout the month. If two commands have the same frequency, print the name of the command appearing first in the estimates file.
> 2. What’s the difference between "maximum number of commands running at any time" and "total number of commands invoked"? Is the “running at any time” determined by the first value in the crontab file? (I mean if I were to look at the data and find the ones running at the same time, what would I look for?) >
Imagine a month of only 4 minutes, each with these numbers of commands (processes) running: min0 - 0 min1 - 2 min2 - 8 min3 - 1 then the "maximum number of commands running at any time" is 8, and the "total number of commands invoked" is 11.

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