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5:49am Sun 4th Sep, Christopher M.

> I also wanted to ask if this is how you would like us to comment our functions? > I looked up C guidelines online and this is what I found for commenting functions:
Similarly, consistency is more important, and the primary reason that many companies will have their own commenting conventions is to assist multiple programmers working on the same project/code, or even across multiple projects. But, notably (and as seen through a web-search) there's no simple agreement of what's the best, and the first version of a commenting convention is heavily influenced the first author's personal preference. There's also the thought that comments are rarely, if ever, needed if the identifier names are carefully chosen. (Personally) I don't like the large block comment in your example, and would just name the function square_of_larger_parameter(). And end-of-line comments // can add just as much value.

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