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8:06pm Sun 11th Sep, Christopher M.

> Hello kind and incredibly sympathetic person,
What happened to benevolent?!
> Is adding the line: "#define _GNU_SOURCE" ok for this project? > I have included it to make use to the strtok_r and strdup functions
Specifying _GNU_SOURCE gives the false impression that the declarations you're requiring are defined/standardised by The Free Software Foundation (FSF); it's sort of a political trick by FSF. And, if compiling code with a compiler other than gcc, defining _GNU_SOURCE may have no effect. In reality, defining _GNU_SOURCE is a 'catchall' to declare things actually standardised by other, more widely adopted standards, such as POSIX and XOPEN. The better approach is to define the precise (or minimum) standard that you require. In this case you should request a POSIX standard from, as a minimum, 2008: #define _POSIX_C_SOURCE 200809L _____ But I'm also wondering why you'd need strtok_r() for this project - the project certainly doesn't require a threaded implementation, so why the need for a re-entrant function? And, while strdup() is commonly used in C programs, in our project we know that our only stored string, command names, have a known maximum size (of 40 characters), and just storing the command names in small fixed-sized arrays will be less complicated (and faster, and use less memory).

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