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5:37am Thu 15th Sep, Christopher M.

> I was wondering if there was a marking rubric released for this project? I am aware of the 25 marks for correctness and 25 for programming style, however is there a further breakdown of the 25 marks within each of these sections?
The description of the marking emphasis and marks breakdown meets the requirements of the Assessment Policy and has been approved; it just may look different to how rubrics are presented in other units. There are many, many, examples of acceptable programming style in lecture notes, and sample solutions for weekly labsheets and workshops. Adopting those, or similar consistent practices, should award you full marks for your style. The emphasis for programming correctness should be clear from our (recorded) Friday workshops. Clearly important are checking of command-line arguments, checking the success of file-based operations, checking the validity of file contents, reporting errors and terminating correctly, and the correctness of the 3 'words' on the final line of your output. The sample solution enables you to verify your results for any crontab- and estimate- files you design, and it's debugging/reporting output gives a big hint about (one possible) approach.
> In particular, I was wondering about the mark allocation for each of the three desired output values, as well as what would happen if the program ran for certain crontabs and estimates values but not for others?
Your project will be tested against many (maybe 8-10) pairs of crontab- and estimate- files, that each try to test something different. Hopefully your project will pass all of them, but it's feasible for your project to pass some, but not others. I hope that this helps (but, politely, I have hoped that this was all very clear from the way the unit has been running this year.)

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