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3:20am Thu 6th Oct, Christopher M.

> hello, can I ask what does the * mean in the video when you did ./trove -b *?
The '*' is a shell-wildcard. Before invoking the trove program, the shell expands the '*' to all files and directory names in the current directory, and then passes them to the trove program as command-line arguments. Thus, the filelist. You must have seen it before:
prompt> echo *
Makefile build.c compression.c filenames.c findfiles.c findwords.c globals.c remove.c trove.c trove.h trovefile.c update.c words.c

prompt>  ls -l f*.c
-rw-*-*-*[email protected] 1 chris  staff   828 Oct  5 19:04 filenames.c
-rw-*-*-*[email protected] 1 chris  staff  1652 Oct  5 09:16 findfiles.c
-rw-*-*-*[email protected] 1 chris  staff  1522 Oct  5 09:23 findwords.c

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