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1:10pm Mon 11th Sep, Christopher M.

> so I had a look into the ceil() function but I am getting errors. A quick google search suggests I need to add "-lm" after the typical compilation command to use it, would that be valid? I ask this because it says on the project sheet that it should only compile with "cc -std=c11 -Wall -Werror -o myscheduler myscheduler.c" which does not have a "-lm" in it.
Sorry, I can't reply as fast as you can cut-and-paste the same question. The ceil() function is in the standard C maths library, which is why you'll need the -lm linker option on Linux. Yes, you may use it. On macOS, Apple have chosen to include the maths functions in the standard-C (main) library, so you don't need to add -lm on Apple.

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