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 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 8:41pm Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, what is the difference between a stack and a linked list? Don't they both push and pop items of the top of the list? Thanks )

SVG not supported 7:42pm Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey man, just a thought. Whenever the question is asking you to execute some other program, use fork() to split the process and execute the process using another system call on the child. That would most likely be the case scenario in the exams I'd i...

SVG not supported 6:43pm Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, my notes for the exam are at an incredibly small size in font... would there be any dangers in them being removed?

SVG not supported 5:35pm Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone Just wanted to wish everyone all the best for tomorrows exam Get rested up tonight, bring lots of water. Most importantly, do not stress, its all over for this class after tomorrow Good luck to everyone

SVG not supported 9:00am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Unfortunately I don't have that sort of evidence hahaha

SVG not supported 8:37am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

And by the way, I was refreshing the page to see if anyone had responded and the page came up with a segmentation fault I guess even the best of websites such as this can fall victim to segmentation faults haha

SVG not supported 8:17am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey Would a question such as 2017 Q1 still be valid for this years exam and if so, how would I go about doing this? Would I have to use a tm struct or is there a syscall or am I meant to do the calcuation myself? Thanks

SVG not supported 7:24am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Cool. As a follow up to this, would we also be allowed to write our answers in a different order? So I would prefer to get the short-answer questions out of the way first but would I be able to write them in the answer booklet first before the progra...

SVG not supported 7:17am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Sorry, I must've missed this, thank you

SVG not supported 7:12am Fri 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Ok, so in that case, would we have to write all of the code for a linked list beforehand as well then?

SVG not supported 8:40pm Thu 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi everyone, I was just wondering in a function (not a program question) question, would it be permissible to create an extra function for things such as freeing memory, checking for errors etc? Thanks

SVG not supported 7:57pm Thu 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey I was just wondering if we would be required to write a hashtable in the exam and if so, if we'd need to implement something like the hash string() function you wrote in Workshop 8? I found it to be quite confusing and didn't really understand ho...

SVG not supported 4:33pm Wed 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Yeah I think you do. On Tuesdays lecture, Chris explained the header files that are commonly used that should be pretty much included in every program function question and then if required, I believe you get extra marks for distinct header files (li...

SVG not supported 4:15pm Wed 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any clues about how to go about doing question 2 of the 2018 exam? Is it simply just creating a struct with the rows and columns and doing everything else accordingly? I am a bit confused about it all....

SVG not supported 4:00pm Wed 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey This might be a straightforward answer here but for dirent and stat structs, do you have to clear the structs at the end? We don't malloc or calloc it but I assume that it has memory, so I would assume that we have to free these structs at the en...

SVG not supported 11:28am Wed 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Thanks Chris, I was also wondering if we'd be required to code inter-process pipes in our exam? Thanks

SVG not supported 9:02pm Tue 24th Oct, ANONYMOUS

So we don't have to use mutexes or anything like that then?

SVG not supported 9:01pm Tue 24th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey Chris, Would we have to use environment variables in our exam? Getenv(PATH) or commands like this? Thanks

SVG not supported 7:18pm Mon 23rd Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone, hope the last assignment went well for all of you I wanted to ask about the short answer section of the exam. Is there any outline or brief explanation of how questions would be marked for this part? For example, would you need to provi...

SVG not supported 5:29pm Mon 23rd Oct, ANONYMOUS

I was also wondering this myself, I believe he did say in the lecture that we can leave big gaps of space if we want to do functions beforehand or make additions changes but I feel that this is a bit risky and maybe writing main() first would be bett...

 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 9:25am Fri 20th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey Chris I know this has been asked many times, but I just want my understanding to be 100 clear. Does our code need to output anything if there is no verbose option given? So, for example, do we need to print out the contents of the files or what...

SVG not supported 5:36pm Wed 18th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Oops sorry, I just stumbled upon a thread indicating the input I gave to -i is wrong. https run help2002?p np opt U925 It did ignore only copy the hidden file which I find strange but I guess that does make sense considering it...

SVG not supported 5:25pm Wed 18th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the screenshot I have attached. One, is the formatting of lab1-Q3.c correct for -i with pattern 'lab?-Q . ' to pick up? If not, what file name would be correct for this because this actually ...

SVG not supported 5:44pm Tue 17th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey Chris, sorry this might be a straightforward answer but in questions where you specify that the function is what is required, would you still need to write in all of the header files for that function above? Thank you.

SVG not supported 4:09pm Tue 17th Oct, ANONYMOUS

https units CITS2002 examinations.php This should be where they are.

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 8:39am Thu 12th Oct, ANONYMOUS

That answer haha I thought we'd be able to use it but just in case, I wanted to ask.

SVG not supported 8:49pm Wed 11th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey, I was wondering if there were any restrictions on using fread, fwrite or fopen as options for opening and writing files? I ask because on the standard C11 functions list, it has open, read and write but not the Buffer I O options... I think I kn...

 UWA week 39 (2nd semester, week 9) ↓
SVG not supported 10:01am Thu 28th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Update, I think I (23620426) have now found a partner )

SVG not supported 5:18pm Wed 27th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone ) I'm looking for a partner for project 2. I am at the uni on Wednesday afternoon and I am willing to meet up online via Teams Zoom etc on days that we can arrange. I am looking to start planning the assignment as soon as possible so it w...

SVG not supported 5:15pm Wed 27th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone ) I'm looking for a partner for project 2. I am at the uni on Wednesday afternoons and would also be willing to meet online via Teams Zoom etc on days we can arrange. I would like to start planning for this assignment as soon as possible ...

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported 8:22pm Tue 12th Sep, ANONYMOUS

I tried the example with smaller and it didn't complete sleep. But I think I know what you are saying. So basically, the process doesn't care what happens during sleep but will still perform other functions (such as a context switch or another proces...

SVG not supported 6:40pm Tue 12th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hey everyone, I wanted to ask why when doing a context switch from running to blocked on the sample solution when issuing the sleep command, it has the 10 usec transition from Running to Blocked outside the allocated 15usecs for sleeping and then the...

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