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 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 7:37pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

For the midterm test, are the grades on Moodle final? Because you mentioned that questions 9 and 11 are bonus, but the grade on Moodle is still out of 20 not 18, making my grade lower bc I have some marks deducted on those two questions.

SVG not supported 7:59pm Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

what is action determination? I can't find it in the slides Also will we be assessed on machine learning? I can't find any slides on that thank you

SVG not supported 6:16am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

1.Is it possible to get past exam solutions to check our answers? 2.Are all past exam questions relevant and assessable for this semester? thank you

SVG not supported 3:18am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, is it correct to say that the DFS would be the better algorithm to traverse a maze because it allows backtracking, is faster, and takes up less memory? also that it is preferred when the target is far from the source, which is usually the case...

SVG not supported 1:50am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, can you please confirm whether this is the correct answer for question two on the revision quiz (attached below) ? This is the question Let the weights of items be 3,4,6,5 and their values 2,3,1,4 , respectively. The total weight that is allo...

SVG not supported 12:17am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I have two questions 1. Can we have sample solutions for the quiz that was posted on oct 21? To know if we are on the right track for these questions. After I completed an attempt, none of the short answers have comments or feedback or hints ...

SVG not supported 4:33am Tue 25th Oct, ANONYMOUS

hello, are there any practice multiple choice questions we can have other than the Moodle test posted on oct 21? I am looking through the past exams and they are in a different format (only short answer) so was wondering if there are ways we can prep...

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 7:01pm Sun 16th Oct, ANONYMOUS

also should one partner submit only or both?

SVG not supported 7:00pm Sun 16th Oct, ANONYMOUS

When is the project due? On LMS it says 11 59 but in the latest announcement regarding the deadline change it said 5 pm thank you

SVG not supported 3:09am Sun 16th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, would it be possible to change the project deadline to the end of the week? Friday or Thursday? I know that the deadline has been extended already but it has been really tough trying to implement AI, and there have been so many deadlines all a...

SVG not supported 6:38pm Sat 15th Oct, ANONYMOUS

are there any topics we should focus on?

SVG not supported 6:07pm Sat 15th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, what is recommended as the best way to prepare for the exam? will we be writing any actual code during the exam or is it more theory? are there any sample or past exams you can provide us with? thank you

SVG not supported 7:51pm Wed 12th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, how will the demo be for online students? Do we sign up in the same time slots on Moodle? should we record a video? Also regarding the exam, will it also be on Moodle? or just on lms? Could you please provide more details regarding these?

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 5:21pm Sat 8th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, in the announcement it was mentioned that the demonstration link will be posted on October 7. Where can I find the link? Also when will we get all our final lab and midterm marks? thank you

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
SVG not supported 3:32pm Tue 23rd Aug, ANONYMOUS

hello, I wanted to ask if we can have three group members working on the project? or is it either solo or pairs? thank you

 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 3:24pm Wed 17th Aug, ANONYMOUS

hey, is anyone else struggling with lab 2? and if you're not struggling are you an experienced programmer? just trying to figure out if its normal to be struggling with this

SVG not supported 10:23pm Mon 15th Aug, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I wanted to ask when we are meant to be starting on the project? I see that it is released already on LMS, but on the schedule on the CITS3001 website it is planned to begin week 9 (not sure if this is updated info for this semester?). Can we ...

 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
SVG not supported 2:36am Mon 1st Aug, ANONYMOUS

Hello, for Friday's workshop the recording was cut off at the end as you were explaining the pseudo code to the problem. is the remainder of the recording available elsewhere? thank you

 UWA week 30 (2nd semester, week 1) ↓
SVG not supported 4:45am Wed 27th Jul, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I was wondering whether the workshops were recorded or if it was the lectures only? Thank you

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