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End of semester exam

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 6th Apr, 12:22pm

> Chris, it would be great if you could tell us about the details of this exam ASAP so we're able to 
> get more of an accurate idea of how this will be conducted and the expectations of students.

Yes, fully appreciated.
I am not sitting around delaying this decision; I'm waiting for our forthcoming meetings with other academic staff 
discussing ideas about how to run final exams, and awaiting a demonstration of how it is anticipated ExamSoft will 
be used.

> On a side note I am very skeptical of this exam format as I am not sure how fairness will actually be 
> enforced, how my data will be used (based on the concerns raised by Edward) and how everyone's 
> results will be affected because of student mental health during this crisis.

That's not a side note, that's an important issue.
I believe the majority of staff and students are concerned about the integrity of the assessment process, but 
resigned to the fact that there'll be no perfect solution.

There's still a lot of unknowns, or things that haven't been announced.  For example, it's unclear if most CITS 
coursework units will have the option of Ungraded Passes, as they're all part of accredited degree programmes.
This will be discussed at another Faculty Teaching meeting tomorrow.

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