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End of semester exam

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Wed 8th Apr, 6:48am

> Please keep us updated Chris.
> Also worth considering is that UNSW is giving pass/fail for all their engineering courses (including CS), and they're accredited by the ACS. 
> Surely if UNSW is doing it then UWA can do it too.

I certainly agree with your last sentence.
UWA is simply waiting on replies from EA and ACS (and Inst. of Physics, Chemical Inst., .....)
to ensure they get the correct message, rather than just making a lone decision.
Sounds like UNSW already have their answer, so UWA's answer should be quick in arriving.

While many students rightly view the UP option as a way to reduce their stress,
it would be a great shame if an incorrect blanket decision resulted in many students not
being able to work as accredited engineers, etc, particularly in other countries requiring it.
(Personally) I'd be pretty annoyed if I couldn't get a working visa in the US because I didn't
have an accredited degree.

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