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Pg.14 Lecture 11 - broken link

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From: Laura G.
Date: Sat 6th Jun, 5:04pm


Hi Chris,

the link in lecture 11 on page 14 is broken
"A single trojan program will typically be installed on each of the agent machines, and triggered days or months later by a single UDP or ICMP packet to the agent. All agents will then launch their attacks, using source spoofing, on a single target. 
The increased use of ADSL and 'always on' connections, increases the opportunity of DDoS attacks. 
Essential Reading (well over a thousand technical, historical, legal, and societal articles on DDOS attacks). "

The essential reading link - https://staff.washington.edu/dittrich/misc/ddos/

please can you post it again?

Pg.14 Lecture 11 - broken link

From: Christopher M.
Date: Sun 7th Jun, 7:52am


"Laura Graham" <21*2*6*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> The essential reading link - https://staff.washington.edu/dittrich/misc/ddos/

Hi Laura,

I can't find that original article anywhere.
I suspect the author has left the Univ of Washington, and they've removed his account.
This article:


provides a very similar summary and (not coincidently) is written by the same author.
Should be plenty!

Good luck,
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