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2018 Q3a

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Sun 7th Jun, 7:05am



> Hi Chris,
> For the question:
> Draw a diagram showing the packet structure of a single Ethernet packet carrying an HTTP 
> request using TCP/IP.
> Highlight all fields that identify any forms of source/destination connectivity.
> What level of detail would you be looking for, for a question like this? Would you just be 
> looking for us to identify things like port numbers, IP addresses, and MAC addresses as 
> these relate to the source and destination, or would you be looking for greater levels of 
> detail?

Certainly identify (highlight) the above things, as they provide all the important things for 
addressing (the connectivity between src and dest).

Show the embedding of the protocols, that 'higher' protocols sit within the payloads of lower 
protocols. Show how the length of each protocols header and payload is represented or determined.

Hope that helps,

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