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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 8th Jun, 6:36pm



> Hi Chris, 
> I was referring to the word "simulation" in the question. If it is a simulation, then we would need to set up timeslots and 
> iterate through each one so that we can simulate collisions/success.

There are many types of simulation - they do not all just involve time slots and packet collisions.
Although you won't be asked to produce any answers using the cnet code/API,  that was a form of simulation that didn't require you to set 
up time slots, etc.

> If we're just asked to write pseudocode for an algorithm e.g. CSMA/CD 1-persistent, then the code that the OP wrote would be 
> the answer.

Their answer providing just pseudo-code, without providing any additional written text, would be the correct/sufficient *form* of answer, 
but it was not a full answer.

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