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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Computer Networks (CITS3002).
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UWA week 19 - 1st semester, week 9

photo Re: The shellscripts provided on the Getting Started page (all 3)
Wed 6th May, 6:58am, Jared J.
Thanks for the scripts they do make life easier and my site doesn't look so hideous anymore!

UWA week 18 - 1st semester, week 8

photo Re: http rewritten as https (all 4)
Wed 29th Apr, 9:14am, Jared J.  O.P.
photo http rewritten as https (all 4)
Wed 29th Apr, 9:13am, Jared J.
Hi Chris, I ran your test but with forced ports in the url and can only access the testfile.html via https on port 443 so it would appear the rewriting there is correct? http does not work on either port and https does not work on port 80. Tested on ubuntu...

UWA week 17 - 1st semester, week 7

photo Project Clarification: Language Versions (both)
Sun 26th Apr, 2:52pm, Jared J.
Should we be using specific versions of each language, for example C99 or Java11 etc?

UWA week 16 - 1st semester, mid-semester break

photo Re: Wireless Network Monitoring paper (all 5)
Tue 14th Apr, 3:41pm, Jared J.  O.P.
From MAP to DIST is impressive! The tools developed and the management of the project are intense. The other papers are interesting reads too of course :) A couple of questions: 1) Is any interesting code from the DIST paper available? 2) Has there been...
photo Re: Wireless Network Monitoring paper (all 5)
Mon 13th Apr, 3:11pm, Jared J.  O.P.
I got it thanks Chris!

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo Re: Stop examplify petition (all 11)
Thu 9th Apr, 8:20am, Jared J.
ANONYMOUS wrote: I would have used a VM but according to https://www.examsoft.com/chp/dynamic/customcenter.asp?sid=584& VM's are out - has anyone tried? and how does that work, can the software tell if it's being run in a VM? This part made me laugh >Computer...
photo Wireless Network Monitoring paper (all 5)
Wed 8th Apr, 9:51am, Jared J.
Hi Chris, Have you linked to your paper somewhere yet? I can't find it.
photo Re: End of semester exam (all 14)
Wed 8th Apr, 7:33am, Jared J.
How important is being accredited in a software engineering career? I am(was) a mining engineer and it was very common to have people working as mining engineers without a degree.
photo Re: Stop examplify petition (all 11)
Tue 7th Apr, 1:13pm, Jared J.
Great post! Good to have you running the unit. Do people take change.org petitions seriously??
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