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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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Project Libraries

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Date: Tue 25th Feb 2020, 4:30pm


I know it might be a bit early, but I am curious if for the project we will be forced to use the taught libraries of GLUT, GLEW and Angel.h for the math. I would much rather use GLFW, GLAD and glm.

I understand I will probably still need to learn some things from the taught ones for the purpose of tests/exams, but this is just for the project.

Project Libraries

From: Naveed A.
Date: Mon 9th Mar 2020, 10:33am


The project will be evaluated using PCs in Labs assigned to the unit. There will be no restriction on the libraries per se, other than their smooth compilation on Lab PCs. It will be recommended that you 
test your solution on Lab PCs.
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