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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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Trouble with OpenGL on Ubuntu VM

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From: Matthew C.
Date: Tue 7th Apr, 8:21pm
The issue is not your hardware, but the fact that a single graphics card can only be used a single OS at a time, so the version 2.1 support is coming from a software renderer that uses your CPU like a GPU (not the integrated graphics, the CPU itself) and due to this they only support an old version. Trying to get around this issue by using older OpenGL is just a bad idea all around.

In VirtualBox when you're inside say Ubuntu, need to install guest additions, see here for how:

see here: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/2845/install-guest-additions-to-windows-and-linux-vms-in-virtualbox/
or here: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html

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