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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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From: Naveed A.
Date: Wed 8th Apr 2020, 1:36pm



> Why is it not possible to do the project with 
> another partner ? With using video calling and 
> messaging it should be easy enough to 
> communicate 'online' with the partner I think. 
> We can even use a private github or send code 
> safely to each other online 
> .Collaborating with others is a good way to 
> teach and learn about concepts.

You are encouraged to discuss among yourselves the principles and problems. It 
should not stop you from teaching and learning concepts. However, to allow group 
work, the project scope will have to increase considerably. This is resulting in 
more software requirements, which Azure labs are currently not able to support. 
Even with personal machines, it can cause equity issues. This is problematic for 
many students. These problems are not solvable by simple video calling etc. 
Individual project is meant to save students from multiple potential problems (that 
will hardly add anything to learning). Please be aware that these problems do not 
generalise to other units. Again, students are highly encouraged to discuss among 
themselves the project related problems online. Individual project does not stop 
you from learning from others. However, just as in group projects, please do not 
share the exact solutions. 

Just as a remark, the project is scoped considering individual effort. Allowing 
groups of two can only be done by making the scope twice as large of what you 
currently have for the project (basically twice the workload). It will still make 
40% of your final grade. If the person who posted this message is interested in 
that, he/she can contact me directly via email. I can give you the extra work that 
will allow you to include one project partner. However, it will be your 
responsibility to arrange the additional software and handle its related issues. 
For others, the project remains the same.

Unit Coordinator  

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