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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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Final Exam Short Answer

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Date: Mon 8th Jun, 1:59pm


In the recent post it said:
"Questions will test your understanding of the concepts much more than reproducing 
slide material"

How are we expected to respond to a question like this other than with the information from the slides for questions such as Catmull-Clark Subdivison or Blinn-Phong?

Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

Final Exam Short Answer

From: Naveed A.
Date: Mon 8th Jun, 2:49pm


I do not mean that you should not respond to a question with slide material - you definitely should if you think its the correct response. What I actually mean is that 
you can expect questions to be a little thought provoking. As an example, for many questions, a student who does not understand the underlying concept may still struggle 
to respond correctly even after I open the correct slide in front of the student. The point is, it is important to think about the underlying concepts while preparing. 

I hope it clarified your confusion. Do not feel intimidated. The exam is not very difficult. If you prepare well, you will definitely be able to do good. Best of luck!

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