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Equations and Mathematics

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From: Naveed A.
Date: Wed 10th Jun, 10:00am



> Will the equations be a big component of the exam?
> I understand that the lectures covered some matrix transformations and mathematics.
> But will all the other content, such as definitions, pipeline architectures and shading etc be evenly balanced/weighted in this exam?
> Definitions and recalling of lecture points is a significant bulk of this unit.
> you said that there would not be much changed if you had an "open book exam", so does that mean recalling lecture topics is impossible?
> All student's have a different mathematical level/ability, and I believe it will give different advantages to different students.
> I am very concerned about this exam, and I don't know whether I should revise my mathematics and understand in detail all the given equations, or review lecture content more generally.
> As no past paper's or practice exam was given

Equations will not be a big component of the exam. However, you can expect a small fraction of marks dedicated to questions asking for simple expressions like A=BCD (as I've mentioned 
multiple times). And yes, all other content will be evenly balanced. Please prepare for definitions as well. The remark on 'open book exam' does not apply to 'all' questions. The exam does  
account for different abilities of different students and recalling is still pretty much possible as in any other exam. There is no need to be concerned, as I mentioned, you will not be 
required to write complex equations. But do try to understand the general concepts behind equations. It will help you in giving the right answers. Again, dont be concerned, it is going to 
be a well balanced exam. 

Unit Coordinator 

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