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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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From: Kai B.
Date: Mon 18th May 2020, 1:11pm


Hey guys,
I'm really struggling to use flask_admin at the moment. I am trying to set up a 
dashboard that displays some kind of "job board" where an admin can click on one 
item to submit a response to user (where the user has submitted an answer to a 
question). I've looked through the documentation a few times but I just can't wrap 
my head around anything. I'd like the dashboard to just appear on the basic /admin 
route, but I also dont know how to allow this route to take multiple (or even one) 
of the database models

I have flask_admin set up at the moment to just do the usual CRUD operations on the 
database using admin.add_view(...), but editing quizzes through here obviously 
doesn't look great and has too many options for simply responding to an answer.

I'm pretty sure what I need to know is how to properly use @ex*o*e() within 
different views, but I can't seem to do what I want so I may need more info.

Thanks for any help


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