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Feel puzzled with the project(javascript part)

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From: Haolin W.
Date: Sat 28th Mar 2020, 12:44pm


In regards to the first part of your question, it is the literal meaning, I'm not sure 
how else to explain it. If you took part in this weeks labs, I showed some examples of 
using some of the DOM manipulation functions, createElement, appendChild etc. 
Additionally, it says you need to use forms, which AJAX can take data from.

Your second question, you have to use AJAX to get information from a different 
website/API. Usually this returns a JSON object which can then be manipulated in 
JavaScript, and then using DOM functions, can be added to your own webpage. There was 
an example shown at the lab using the Coronavirus API, along with a custom webpage 
written with AJAX implemented.

You can refresh your knowledge in JavaScript and the DOM in labs 3 and 4 respectively, 
and playing around with AJAX can be done with lab 5. If you're stuck on AJAX, make a 
request to the Coronavirus Tracker API linked in the project document, and console.log 
the response and see the JSON returned.

Let me know if you need help with anything else.


> hello all,
> can anyone give me some ideas or clarify what should we do in this part? it is not 
> difficult to understand the literal meaning, but I am not pretty sure about I need 
> to use DOM and javascript to do what.
> another question, what is the meaning of "using AJAX to consume resources from 3rd 
> party sites", I am not pretty sure what we need to do here, is this mean what we 
> need to do here is, like this weak lab, use "x.open("GET",url,true)" to refer/link 
> to an url address? Feel confused about this.
> anyone can answer these questions? thanks a lot!

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