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question about show the things in array in html pages

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Date: Sat 28th Mar 2020, 7:02pm


Assume there is an array which name is "check"

var check=[apple,pear,orange,banana,peach]

As we know that the way to print the array out inside of the html page is:

the result comes out is apple,pear,orange,banana, peach  and the result is inside 
of the html, but how can we print it separately? I mean how to do like in java, 
we use a for loop and println(check[num]) then we can get things like below.


i tried for loop with document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=check; , the 
result still be apple,pear,orange,banana, peach

then i tried for loop with document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=check[num] , 
the result only get the final element in the array, get the "peach".

by the way, i found that document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=check[] will 
be update by the newest result, like if the first result is "apple", then reuse 
this function, the result will be "pear" and the "apple" will disappear.

looking for help, thanks!

question about show the things in array in html pages

From: Haolin W.
Date: Sat 28th Mar 2020, 9:29pm


Hey. It's hard to interpret what exactly you need, but based on your code, I'm 
assuming that you're trying to replace the content of one of your elements with this 
array. Assuming that the element that you're placing the fruits into is empty, you can 
loop over your check array and create fruit elements, and then append them as children 
of the container element (see Lab 4 appendChild).

I've written a quick codepen as an example so you can see what's going on here. Keep 
in mind, this assumes that the container element (in your case, 'demo') is empty.


There are many ways to tackle this problem, and this solution is only one. Depending 
on your scenario, you could do this much differently.

Let me know how you go.
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