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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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UWA week 24 - 1st semester, 1st exam week

photo Re: Note paper in exam (all 8)
Thu 11th Jun 2020, 5:46pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi Will i get remind from the screen if i got flagged? Like if i looking down too long to take the notes will it warns me i got flagged so i can be more conscious about the duration? thanks

UWA week 21 - 1st semester, week 11

photo project requirement (both)
Sat 23rd May 2020, 11:40am, ANONYMOUS
Hi one of the description in project page said only have multi-choice question and auto marking system would be mark down comparing with having manual feedback. Would the background compiler that assess the user writing code and returning the result be...

UWA week 18 - 1st semester, week 8

photo consistent style (both)
Thu 30th Apr 2020, 8:28pm, ANONYMOUS
hi just need to clarify the project requirement says we have to consistent our style. Does this mean the style of the all website pages should be consistent or the css file should be consistent? cheers
photo Re: Change HTML content (all 3)
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 4:27pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Thanks Tim
photo Change HTML content (all 3)
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 1:39am, ANONYMOUS
Hi How can i change the content in one html page by clicking a button in another html page? Like i have a page with a form for adding user. After i click the submit button, it would submit the information form and also add a new table row in another page...

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo CITS3403 PARTNER (both)
Mon 6th Apr 2020, 8:42pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi we current have 2 people in our group and would like to have more people. We plan to design an IQ test website. Email me at [email protected] if you want to join us. cheers

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, week 6

photo Re: Can a 5505 and a 3404 student work in pair for project 2 ? (both)
Wed 1st Apr 2020, 9:56pm, ANONYMOUS
I think the answer is no. you can check the "Get started" part in project specification page.
photo Re: About AJAX (all 3)
Wed 1st Apr 2020, 8:37pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Oh that is so small different, thanks. Also if I want to get the name before the data, like I want to get the "Confirmed" before the confirmed case number, how can I achieve that?
photo About AJAX (all 3)
Wed 1st Apr 2020, 1:06pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi I followed the workshop of the AJAX and tried to collect the data by using the COV-19 API website which provided in the project 1. I modified the codes from the workshop " let locations = data.locations; return lacations.map( function(location)...

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Re: Question about <xmp> (all 3)
Sun 29th Mar 2020, 12:36pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Thanks. fixed by a more easier modified element <textarea>.
photo Question about <xmp> (all 3)
Sun 29th Mar 2020, 12:36am, ANONYMOUS
Hi I try to display my code by using <xmp>, it works fine but can not pass the validation , says 'Element xmp not allowed as child of element div in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)'. I checked all the closing tag but still...
photo Re: Lecture Recording (all 4)
Thu 26th Mar 2020, 11:14am, ANONYMOUS
Hi My echo360 doesn't show any recorded video in the page. Is this my problems or anyone also encountered this? thanks
photo Re: Question about project (all 3)
Thu 26th Mar 2020, 11:04am, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Yes, Thank you.
photo Question about project (all 3)
Tue 24th Mar 2020, 5:25pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi In the description of project--"a quiz that assessors basic arithmetic skills using multi-choice questions and automatic grading would probably achieve a maximum score of 75%, whilst an application that allows manual assessment and provides feedback...

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 4

photo Re: Project Partner (all 9)
Thu 19th Mar 2020, 3:10pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi I have done several programming units before and desire to have a high grade in this project.If you would like to team up with me, email me at [email protected] cheers
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