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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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UWA week 24 - 1st semester, 1st exam week

photo Re: Exam (all 8)
Mon 8th Jun, 4:31pm, ANONYMOUS
Another guy here, how we can get the password for the trial exam? I am afraid it is hidden for some reason and I can not see it. By the way, how to get the password for our final exam, will it show in LMS or some other places? If Tim or somebody else already...
photo Re: feel pretty stressful (all 3)
beretMon 8th Jun, 4:22pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Thanks for that, I got it!

UWA week 23 - 1st semester, study break

photo feel pretty stressful (all 3)
cryingSat 6th Jun, 12:59am, ANONYMOUS
Hi, Anyone know the exam this year will be easier or harder than last year / previous years? I just feel pretty stressful because I am not able to answer a lot of 2019 questions unless I check the solution. On the other hand, there still a lot of things...

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo what can instead of the cellspacing? (both)
laughwinkTue 7th Apr, 12:53pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi all, I try to use the cellspacing attribute in my HTML docs, it works fine in my browser, but when I check it in HTML5 validation, it said the attribute in HTML 5 is obsolete (w3schools also said The cellspacing attribute of <table> is not supported...

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Re: still the question about the array (all 3)
Sun 29th Mar, 3:18pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
thanks a lot, I will try to understand how to use this in JavaScript, it looks pretty similar to the data structure.
photo still the question about the array (all 3)
laughwinkSun 29th Mar, 12:26am, ANONYMOUS
Here is my last question link: https://secure.csse.uwa.edu.au/run/help3403?p=np&a=50&all=y2 actually, the thing i try to do is, make a special calculator which can store the previous compute result inside (has the results recording function). For instance,...
photo question about show the things in array in html pages (both)
grinSat 28th Mar, 7:02pm, ANONYMOUS
Assume there is an array which name is "check" var check=[apple,pear,orange,banana,peach] As we know that the way to print the array out inside of the html page is: document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=check; the result comes out is apple,pear,orange,banana,...
photo Feel puzzled with the project(javascript part) (both)
lolSat 28th Mar, 12:14am, ANONYMOUS
hello all, can anyone give me some ideas or clarify what should we do in this part? it is not difficult to understand the literal meaning, but I am not pretty sure about I need to use DOM and javascript to do what. another question, what is the meaning...

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 4

photo question about project(html part) (both)
insaneFri 20th Mar, 1:27am, ANONYMOUS
Hi Tim, I have two questions about the project, what is the meaning of "refer to elements with the web site as examples."? Is it means I need to use something like <a href=""></a> to link to the webpage which intros "what is the HTML, the history and ...
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