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study plan for cits4401 week 6

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Mon 30th Mar, 9:09am


Good morning.  

I hope you are all getting into the swing of self-driven learning and the discipline of 
online classes.  Here is a study plan for this week.
This is the last week of requirements lectures.
Starting 20 April, after the break, Arran Stewart will be leading you through 6 weeks 
of software engineering design.

All the best

30 March - 3 April. Online classes continue
6 - 9 April. Tuition free week
10 - 14  April. Easter break (UWA closed)
15 - 17 April. Mid-Semester break
20 April. Online lectures and tutorials resume

CITS4401 Week 6 UML Interaction Diagrams

During week 6 in CITS4401 we will be studying UML diagrams for modelling dynamic views 
of a system: sequence diagrams and state chart diagrams.
To help you plan your week, here is a summary of the activities for this week.

Recommended Pre-reading

Review the UML class diagram material.  There is a new video uploaded to LMS with a 
sample solution for the week 5 workshop.

Lecture (Tuesday) key topics

UML sequence diagrams (what they are for and how to read them)
How to write UML sequence diagrams
UML state chart diagrams (what they are for and how to read them)
How to write UML state chart diagrams

PPT lecture notes are available on the unit web page and pre-recorded video notes for 
these topics are (or will shortly be) available in LMS.

Recommended Reading to Reinforce the Lecture Material

Fowler, UML Distilled, Chapter 4
Pressman, Software Engineering, Chapter 8, Sections 8.4 Functional Modelling and 8.5 
Behavioural Modelling
Bruegge and Dutoit, Object Oriented Software Engineering, 2.4.3 Interaction Diagrams, 
2.4.4. Staetchart Diagrams

Workshop (Wednesday)

In the workshop we will practice reading, designing and writing UML sequence and state 
The workshop questions will be available in LMS (with a pdf version on the unit web 
page as back up).
I encourage you to try using the LMS version because future test and exam assessments 
will likely be on an online system somewhat like this.
This workshop will not be assessed, but I am happy to provide feedback and answer any 
questions you may have.
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