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question about final exam

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Sun 14th Jun, 8:15pm


The final exam has 10 questions with a total value of 120 marks.

That is, exactly as in the sample exam: 1 mark per exam minute.  

So always read the marks per question.  And check again the hints given in the sample exam 
paper.  Here they are again copied here for your convenience:

CITS4401 Unit Outcomes 
The exam is designed around the unit outcomes. Students are able to:
1. classify types of software requirements and designs;
2. apply requirements and design processes appropriate for a given sce- nario;
3. assess quality attributes of given requirements and designs;
4. utilise design patterns and idioms;
5. evaluate and document software design rationale; and
6. select a software architecture appropriate for a particular context.

Important notes about studying for the exam 

The questions in this sample exam are sourced from previous workshops and past papers. This is 
so students have access to sample solutions. Note that questions in the actual exam will not be 
copies of questions you have done before, so please do not attempt to study by rote learning 
questions from past papers.

In the CITS4401 exam you will be given short questions or a scenario to analyse (similar to the 
workshops) and asked to demonstrate that you can:
• distinguish the relevant from irrelevant facts in the scenario
• identify what topics we have covered which apply in this case, and how
• come up with a clear recommendation or answer
• justify that recommendation (logically, or via evidence covered in lectures etc.)
“Identifying relevant facts/topics” and “justifying answers” are key things we are looking for.
Use the marks awarded for each question to give you an idea of the level of detail required in 
your answer. 

The paper is marked out of 120: 1 mark per exam minute. That means a 15 mark question in the 
exam should take you about 15 minutes.

Often, the lecture and workshop content will provide a brief guide to understanding a concept 
(e.g. a design pattern), but for a thorough understanding (and more examples), you should 
review any relevant textbook chapters and make study notes on them.


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