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health engine workshop to go ahead on March 18th

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Tue 17th Mar, 12:10pm
I am posting to confirm that the CITS4401 Health Engine workshop on March 18th will go 
ahead in the usual CSSE 1.24 venue.

If you are well and able to come to UWA, then I recommend attendance in person.  Please 
ensure you wash your hands and follow UWA's advice about contact with others.

If anyone is feeling unwell, or uncomfortable about attendance, then I will do my best to 
support online attendance.

The workshop will be recorded and posted LMS and so you will have access to the recording 
and slides from LMS after 4pm tomorrow.

I will also have a zoom session set up on my laptop, so you can join the class online.
Join URL for the class zoom from 2pm Wed is: https://uwa.zoom.us/j/454944451

All students should upload their written answers for the workshop to cssubmit on Wednesday 
evening.  I have just moved the submission deadline to 8pm on Wednesday to allow time for 
those using the recordings.

Please email me to confirm if you plan to participate online.

You should expect an announcement from the University about online teaching in the next few 

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