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workshop submission 18 March

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Wed 18th Mar, 4:48pm


Congratulations everyone who participated in the HealthEngine workshop today, either in 
person or online.

Remember to submit your answers to cssubmit by 8pm tonight.
Typed or handwritten is fine so long as it is readable.
You should be able to download the recording of this session from LMS very soon.
Here is a summary of the questions you should answer about the given project scenario
in your submission:

Q1) Identify 5 or 6 KEY stakeholders and their drivers
Q2) Identify 5 or 6 KEY goals making them as orthogonal as possible.  Which stakeholders 
and drivers are associated with each goal?

Discussion (no need to hand in answers): did you have any conflicting drivers?  Are all 
your goals traceable to stakeholders and their drivers

Q3) Prioritisaton
Which of your goals are Must hav / Could have / Should have and Won't have ?
Maybe give a ranking for the goals you have identified.

Q4) Covid-19 and GP remote appointments.  Reflect on what has changed?  Are any of your old 
goals now obsolete? Are their new stakeholders?  New goals?

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