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Obtaining MATLAB on my laptop

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From: Benjamin L.
Date: Wed 26th Feb, 7:14pm
Summary: question
I'm having issues getting access to MatLab on my laptop, does anyone know how to get it?

The website https://www.physics.uwa.edu.au/students/it_support/software/matlab_questions 
says that you need to use to the UWA FlexLM license server through a VPN to access the 
license for Matlab.

I went ahead and followed this link to get a VPN sorted.

I tried downloading Matlab while connected to the UniConnect VPN but it did not supply a 
license when I got to that stage of installation of MatLab. 

The other links (the ITS MatLab ones) on the first page go to non-existent pages, this 
makes me think that UWA is no longer giving access to MatLab. 

My friends have emailed IT and they have gotten replies suggesting we will have to buy it 
if we want it :(

Is there anything I'm missing?
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