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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in CITS4407 Open Source Tools and Scripting.

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Welcome to Open Source and Scripting

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From: Arran S.
Date: Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 10:43am

Hi all,

Welcome to CITS2003 and CITS4407, Open Source Tools and Scripting.

The first lecture is at 3pm this Thursday, in the Austin Lecture Hall (ARTS 1.59) - if 
your timetable is showing something different, please let me know! Lab/workshops start 
*next* week (week 2).

I believe the LMS may be showing this unit as CITS2003, but obviously, if you're 
enrolled in CITS4407 that is not correct. Your actual enrolment records will reflect 
your correct enrolment.

Note that, except for lecture recordings and any online quizzes, we will not be using 
the LMS. All content for the unit will be put on the unit website, which is available 
via the unit's Github account at

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask them here.

Any announcements will be made here and in lectures (or, if very urgent, via email to 
your university email address).

Best of luck with your studies this semester!


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