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A problem with Q1 on Exercises #2

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Fri 13th Mar 2020, 5:25am


During yesterday's workshop (Thu 12/3) we found a problem with Q1.

While it was possible to correctly download datafiles from the FuelWatch website using a web browser (such as 
Firefox), it was not possible to do so with curl, as the website's links (URLs) are not directly to the CSV 
files, but to requests to run a program on the website itself - quite a challenge for curl.

During yesterday's workshop we found the problem, and just skipped the sub-task asking you to use curl. I have 
since modified the Exercise sheet. 

If you tried using curl, it will have downloaded some information to your local disk, but it's not a file of 
data, but an error message.  So, just remove that file, using the 'rm' command, and use your browser to download 
the required file.

We can, however, use curl to download files for Q3, from the Bureau of Meteorology website, with:

   curl  -o  feb2020.csv  http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/dwo/202002/text/IDCJDW6111.202002.csv

Please feel free to ask any questions, here, if this is confusing.
Good luck.
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