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[UPDATED] Assignment 2 marks and feedback now available

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Tue 29th Jun 2021, 2:20pm
Hello Everyone,

You should now be able to see your Assignment 2 mark and feedback in csmarks:

115 students submitted Assignment 2, and the average mark is 13.0/20.
Congratulations to the 11 students receiving 18/20, or higher.

The feedback is a little difficult to find - you can download it
by clicking on the clipboard icon at the bottom of the histogram for
Assignment 2   (hmmm, needs improvement!)

You can find a sample solution to the Assignment here:

[UPDATE - 6am Wed 30th]
    An error was found with the marks and feedback initially uploaded to
    csmarks - the mark in your feedback is correct, but the mark in csmarks
    (the important one!) did not include the mark for clarity, concision
    and style.  These have all now been corrected, so please recheck csmarks
    for your correct mark.
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