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Do not change WSL Linux files using Windows apps and tools.

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From: David M.
Date: Thu 30th Apr, 6:02pm


See this URL for important information: <https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/do-not-change-linux-files-using-windows-apps-and-tools/>. 

Quoting from the above document:

"There is one hard-and-fast rule when it comes to WSL on Windows:"

"DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, access, create, and/or modify Linux files inside of
your `%LOCALAPPDATA%` folder using Windows apps, tools, scripts, consoles, etc."

"Opening > files using some Windows tools may read-lock the opened files > and/or 
folders, preventing updates to file contents and/or metadata, > essentially resulting 
in corrupted files/folders."

"Creating/changing Linux files in your Appdata folder from Windows will likely result 
in data corruption and/or damage your Linux environment requiring you to uninstall & 
reinstall your distro!"

The above warning applies to both WSL1 and WSL2.

See my previous post "Accessing WSL files from Windows" which provides a link to information on how to safely access files in the WSL filesystem by creating a
Windows network resource/drive mapping.
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