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From: Arran S.  O.P.
Date: Thu 4th Mar 2021, 4:42pm

Hi Hiaxin -

As long as there aren't more than about 30 people trying to attend a lab, I don't mind which lab you go 
to - in fact you can go to more than one, if you want.

If there are more than 30 people, the lab demonstrator may have trouble dealing with everyone's queries, 
and may limit the lab to people who are actually timetabled to attend it - but there's no harm in 



"Haixin Chen" <23*9*6*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> Hi Arran,
> I found there were 4 online labs. Mine was scheduled on Fri. May I join the lab on Thurs instead? 
> Thank you.

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