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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).

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Windows Sub-system for Linux is really good (Trust me) and other cool ways to linux from home

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From: Ryan O.  O.P.
Date: Tue 24th Mar, 9:21am
"David May"                               wrote:

> I have been using both standalone Ubuntu Linux and Ubuntu on WSL. Both work perfectly
> well for this unit. Don't know why anyone would want to RDP to a remote Linux box for
> this unit.
> In fact, for intetrest, I installed Linux Desktop on WSL and I run bash in multiple xterms,
> and other X11 applications on Windows and I cannot tell the difference from a standalone Linux workstation.
> There are shortcomings in WSL but they are not going to be apparent unless you try to do
> advanced things like run Docker or need to start Linux system services from init.
> PS Microsoft is about to release WSL version 2 which is apparently a huge improvement
> over WSL version 1. There are several videos on Youtube describing the improvements.
> You can get WSL2 right now via the Windows Insider program.

I think the only reason to want to remote into the lab computers is to be *absolutely* sure that your code will 
work on the computers they are assessed on. 

It shouldn't matter, and i won't bother doing it. I do feel for the people who are anxious about this though. 

Thanks for sharing your experience with WSL. I switched my computer to Linux a while ago so my experience with 
is 6 months old.

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