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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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some question about assignment2 task3

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Fri 15th May, 1:50pm
"Jiacheng Qiu"                               wrote:

> 1. I am not very familiar with the train system in Perth, if the stop can't reach the 
> Fremantle directly, is get on the train from 99007 or underground from 99601 the only two ways that we can transfer to Fremantle line(99352)?

Sorry, I was trying to make it as general as possible.

Your starting point will need to be with 1km (walking) of a train on the Fremantle Line (blue):


Or within 1km of a line that gets to Perth or Perth Underground stations
(if you get to Perth Underground, you have to walk to Perth Station to catch the blue line).

> if the stop near my home does not have any relationship to these 3 lines (i mean any 
> trip to 99352, from 99601 or from 99007)that means I can not reach the destination?

(For this task), if you're further than 1km from a viable station, there is no way to reach the destination.

> 2. Is the walk not account the time, if I arrive at Fremantle at 15:30, I can 
> immediately fly to the ferry?

The walk from Fremantle Station to the Rottnest Ferry is (about) 5 minutes, so use that in your calculations.

Good luck. 

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