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question about route strategy

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From: Yue L.
Date: Fri 15th May, 3:02pm


Hi Chris,
  After carefully reading your description of Q3, I propose my route strategy.

  I noticed that there are 17 stations in the Frementle Line Train. Therefore:

  1.Check whether there is any one of the 17 stations that is close to me (less than 
1km). If so, I will walk to that station and can reach the destination (i.e.99352) 

  2.If not so, I will check whether there is any train station that is close to 
me(also less than 1km) and can take me to the 99007 or 99601 station. If so, I will 
take the train to 99601 or 99007 and then transfer to one of the 17 stations. If not 
so, I will fail.

  If my strategy is right, there will be two questions.

  1.How to calculate the time of walk? You know, the transfer stations of two lines 
are not totally overlapped in most of the cases. I mean, sometimes I have to walk 
several hundred meters before transferring to one of the 17 stations. Can I calculate 
the time through dividing the distance between two stations by normal adult walking 

  2.Need I provide the optimal route which will take me the least amount of time? 
Because, sometimes, I can reach the 99352 station before 15:30 by many possible 


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