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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Output for Question 2 in Exercise 3

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 30th Mar, 2:15pm
"Khushboo Soni"                               wrote:

> I'm using the same command and the output is totally incorrect. I am also getting 
> duplicate words. Not sure what is going wrong.
> $ cat unix-1969-1971.txt | tr -d "[:digit:][:punct:]" | sort -u | tr -s " " "\n"


When you have a problem like this - unexpected output from a long pipeline of commands - 
perform each of the subparts of the command "by hand" to ensure that what you *hope* is 
passing through each pipe is really what's happening.

For example, with your command, try the subparts:

shell>  cat unix-1969-1971.txt | tr -d "[:digit:][:punct:]"

shell>  cat unix-1969-1971.txt | tr -d "[:digit:][:punct:]" | sort -u

and so on  (in fact, that very first subpart is not doing what you want it to do).
I hope that that helps.


Incidently, we never need to run:

shell>  cat filename | command ...

as we can run (the quicker)

shell>  command .... < filename

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