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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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Windows Sub-system for Linux is really good (Trust me) and other cool ways to linux from home

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From: Ryan O.
Date: Wed 18th Mar 2020, 9:56pm


With classes cancelled i thought i would shout out Windows Subsystem for Linux 
(again since Chris did it at the start of semester) and other cool ways to Linux 
from home!

If you are not sure to install/use WSL, here is a linkie with instructions: 

If you like technical details, there a great podcast explaining WSL by .Net rocks 
you can find it here: https://www.dotnetrocks.com/?show=1284

TLDR: It should run just like real Linux (probably) and faster then a virtual 

I've used it myself before, i would recommend it to a friend. 

There are other options to still do bash stuff on a window computer such as: running 
a virtual machine (for a true Linux experience) or remoting into the lab computers 
(as per the email from the unit coordinator)

If you want a Linux experience similar to the labs (well very close), Fedora is the 
free version of Red Hat linux we have in the labs: https://getfedora.org/, some 
people find Ubuntu more user friendly: https://ubuntu.com/

Never done a virtual machine before? A virtual machine is a way to run an operating 
system (Linux) inside of your operating system(gross simplification). 

Here a link on how to install Ubuntu with the free virtualisation software Vmware 
Player: https://theholmesoffice.com/installing-ubuntu-in-vmware-player-on-windows/

That link should also work for Fedora! (the process will be slightly different, also 
remember in terms of bash it doesn't *really* matter). 

One more thing. If you aren't using the same Linux as are on the lab computers there 
is a (very small) chance a command line tool might not be installed. Don't worry 
installing stuff on Linux is easy! 

In ubuntu use: sudo apt-get install [package-name]
In fedora use: sudo dnf install [package-name]

Where [package-name] is the name of the command you are trying to install. This is 
unlikely to come up with Ubuntu or Fedora, i just mentioned it as my weird version 
of Linux didn't have unzip :S. (Note: the name of the package-name in the general 
case won't always be the same as the command, but since we are using basic tools it 
probably always be)

Don't go crazy with installing packages. I assume the assessments will expect to 
work with the commands taught in the unit and other standard tools(as opposed to the 
thousands of packages people have written. If unsure ask Chris i take no 
responsibility, this post is AS IS AND WITH ALL FLAWS).

Finally as per the email from Chris, we will be able to remote into the labs! I 
can't remember how to do this, so wait for the promised email tomorrow with 

Hope you all enjoy your isolation. :) I personally have a cute doggo to keep me 
company and she is WAY better at bash then i am! Bad news is she only speaks German 

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