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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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Assignment 2, Task 2

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From: David M.
Date: Mon 18th May, 1:06pm


I am concerned about a lack of clarity regarding the requirements for the second part
of Task 2.

The specifications state only "the other visualisations should present some more
insightful information, such as any URLs that are 'trending' across the week, or
more meaningful descriptions of the locations from which requests are made."

My first question is what is a "trending URL"?  I do not understand what this means 
exactly and I need  specific information about what is to be computed and plotted.

I have performed searches on Google for "trending URL" but only found references to
trending tags, trending searches and similar things.  In any case, as I understand 
from what I read, the notion of trending X (whatever X is) relates to anomaly 
detection; and every Internet platform seems do it that differently and their 
algorithms are proprietary. 

I also do not understand what is meant by "more meaningful descriptions of the
locations from which requests are made". This seems even more unclear than the
trending URLs suggestion: I did not even know how to formulate a search query
for it.

Can I have more specific information for a suitable task, or tasks, for the second
that would be acceptable?

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