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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Microsoft President: We Were 'On the Wrong Side of History' About Open Source

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From: Christopher M.  O.P.
Date: Tue 19th May, 7:15am
"Lee de Byl"                               wrote:

> It's been really interesting watching Microsoft's transformation over the past decade in 
> particular, and how central open source has been to that transformation. It seems to be that 
> at least half of the services in Azure seem to be at least somewhat based on open source. I 

Yes, it's been an interesting few years,  with Microsoft buying GitHub and IBM buying RedHat, MS providing 
WSL, and both of them contributing new software and improvement s back to the open-source world (such as 
MS's Visual Code editor).

My prediction is that MS will stop development of their own operating system kernels, and move their 
Windows-10, Windows-11, graphical interfaces to sit on top of the Linux kernel.

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