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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Assignment2 Q3 maps

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From: Nathan S.  O.P.
Date: Wed 20th May, 10:48am
"Christopher McDonald" <chris.                     wrote:

> "Mingbo Zhang"                               wrote:
> > Thank you for telling me this. I just knew google will charge us for using thier map API. 
> > Well, it sucks. I saw another map web David mentioned in this topic and found a guide to 
> > use it. I am not sure it would work or not. https://www.linux.com/news/displaying-maps-
> > openlayers/
> I'm looking into this;  I (must) have an old Google Maps account, which was free at the time.  Did 
> not appreciate that they had started charging for it.  I believe that the monthly free allowance is 
> sufficient for the set task,  but appreciate that some will not want to sign up for anything.  That's 
> OK.
> I'll likely alter the question (soon).

My guess is you had some billing account with them.
I had my credit card details with google last year, I think I bought something online and I had to add it 
to my google account, then a couple of months later, I got some fraudulent charges through google for 
gaming (I don't even play online games).  I do not know if it was related to google having my credit card 
details or some other online purchase, but the result was that I had to get a new card from the bank and 
that was a bit of a hassle changing the details with all the companies that I have it registered with eg. 
gym, power, water, internet etc.  So, basically after that experience, as well as doing the cloud 
computing unit last year and seeing how much you could get charged with cloud providers if you 
accidentally launched some bare metal high end compute instances or something, I  would rather use 
amazon/google cloud withh someone else's credit card, not mine.  If I was going to sign up again, I would 
probably use a separate card and just put a hard daily/monthly spending limit on it.  I acknowledge that I 
am probably being paranoid and those fraudulent charges probably were not as a result of my details being 
with google, I just do not have enough information.

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