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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Error installing Make in Ubuntu Win 10

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From: Lee dB.
Date: Wed 20th May, 8:05pm
"Alastair Haldane"                               wrote:

> Thanks Lee, I tried to ping www.archive.ubuntu.com with no success (times out with 
> error message "Temporary failure in name resolution".
> So I found the used DNS checker to find the IP address of the website above, which is 
> and when I ping this address, it works. I tested this for a few other 
> websites, it seems the ping function works when I type in a IP address but not a 
> domain name.   

Definitely looks an issue with DNS name resolution. I don’t know much about WSL and how it 
implements networking, but I would start by checking out /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/wsl.conf to 
see if everything looks reasonable there. 

You’re not using a VPN from within Windows at all, are you?

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