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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).

Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Assignment 2, Task 1.

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Fri 22nd May, 12:29pm
"Jason Veljanoski"                               wrote:

> So if the script is in the same folder as calcmarks then the comments in calcmarks will be updated as specified.
> If I had another project (let's say myProject), I can move the script inside myProject and run ./updateversion. This will update the comments in myProject 
> as specified.

Yes, that's correct.

> The specifications for Q1 say that the project name can be taken in as an argument but that is not entirely necessary as there would be a way to get the 
> root folder name through a few bash commands.

Your script will need to know the name of the project that it's updating,
otherwise you won't know what/how to find the appropriate comment lines in the files.

Do not rely upon the project's name being in a directory of the same name

(I will often have multiple directories, containing different versions/approaches the same problem)

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