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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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The direction for Q3

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From: Jichunyang L.  O.P.
Date: Mon 25th May, 3:47pm
"Christopher McDonald" <chris.                     wrote:

> "Lee de Byl"                               wrote:
> > Stop_times.txt contains a stop_sequence number by trip_id that can be used to determine the 
> > order of stops for a given route. This is what I used to determine the direction. 
> Yes;  and if have two possible directions, you follow the sequence information for each direction, seeing 
> if any other them arrive, or pass through, Fremantle
> (something I've strangly done in Boston a few times, where the network maps are often so vandalised, you 
> have to catch a tram to find a non-vandalised one).
Hi, Chirs,
For task 3, the schedule (workday, Saturday, and Sunday) and stopping patterns of each line should be 
considered, right? Thanks.

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